Two Yoga Postures to Avoid

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WYogae see alot of yoga practitioners in our clinic, and many of them complain of neck pain and stiffness that just does not seem to go away. Upon examination, I often find that these people have lost their normal cervical lordosis (or natural curve). There are many causes for poor cervical lordosis from bad reading posture, to head injuries and rear end auto accidents. Once the curve is lost it must be restored to prevent deterioration of the discs, joints, muscles, and nerves. Most yoga ananas (postures) will not exacerbate this condition, but there are two that put the neck under extreme strain and can even cause disc herniation. What are the two posture to avoid? Shoulder stand and plow. I strongly suggest that you dont do them because these postures, with their prolonged flattening of the cervical spine, help the neck lose its curve.

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