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review from a neighborDr. Kohler is the neighborhood Chiropractor of choice read what one of his neighbors has to say about his care…..

“Over the last 25 years, I have started several businesses in this neighborhood and have always been grateful for my local supporters.In the vein of mutual appreciation, I want to tell you about a treasure on North Capitol Hillthat you may not know about:Dr. Jared Kohler, Chiropractic Doctor and Applied Kinesiologist . Dr. Kohler’s clinic , The Vital Energy Center, is in a lovely house on the corner of 10th and E. Boston, just across from Bertschi School.Several Massage Therapists and a Nutritionist offer their services there, as well.

As some of you know, I am a landscaper and do tons and tons of stone work, sometimes too much for my body.Pushing hard on a project, I found one day that my back had seized.

I couldn’t turn my torso or my head even slightly, not even enough to slide into a car!

Dr. Kohler was the closest healer of any kind that I could walk to.And I am glad I did!In one (emergency) session, Dr. Kohler freed me up: pain gone, flexibility returned, and I walked out floating and free, if still a little tender.Wow, that was some magic!I had the wee bit of good sense to slow down my work a bit, but Dr. Kohler kept me mobile for the duration and in good time I healed completely

A year or so later, I was building a set of stone stairs, working late, and overdid it again. Oof. Once again, Dr. Kohler took care of me, though this injury required a complete work-stoppage for healing time and continued care.Nevertheless, I could feel from the first visit that I was on my way to correction.I know that if I set my intention to really take care of my health, Dr. Kohler could do further wonders for me.In the meantime, I know he is there…and his care keeps me in business!

While I may be the “urgent care” type, Dr. Kohler treats all kinds of issues, from injuries to preventive and wellness care. In my experience, his methods are gentle and painless– not crack and crunch.

He is caring, joyful, communicative, and truly interested in educating me.He also frequently makes recommendations for things for me to do at home/work/play to heal or keep myself healthy.And, he does not guilt-trip me if I don’t “do my homework”.

I cannot do justice, verbally, to Dr. Kohler’s methods and the subtleties of his approach. For that I suggest you walk on over and talk to Heather, his receptionist, who can give you more information.

There is also a very informative website: www.thevitalenergycenter.com where you can learn more about the practice .

We are lucky to have a gentle, caring, trustworthy Chiropractor like Dr. Kohler’s in our neighborhood. And fortunate that we can walk there, receive top-notch chiropractic care, walk home, and relax.

Join me in supporting a quality local business.

Your neighbor,

Ptarmigan Teal

1201 East Lynn St.

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