Jeff Greiner, LMP

Jeff Greiner Jeff Greiner

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As an athlete and a body-worker, Jeff holds the human form in highest regard. His appreciation for the body stems from his passion for rock,ice and alpine climbing, backcountry skiing, cycling, hiking, and running. Jeff explores the natural world as a means to see life from many different angles.

As a Soma Practitioner and Therapeutic Massage Specialist, Jeff combines a fascination for body mechanics with a healthy respect for the human form in motion. He seeks to reveal in his clients a lighter way of being through enhanced functional awareness of their bodies. Jeff’s intuitive sense compliments his anatomical perspective in a way that fully connects him to individual client needs.

Jeff found Soma Structural Integration after a car crash left him with a substantial lateral whiplash. A referral from his chiropractor encouraged him to try Soma work. Midway thru the Soma Series, Jeff could feel major improvement in his pain level and posture.

Shortly thereafter, Jeff left the retail world to attend The Soma Institute in Buckley, Washington. Now Jeff is a Certified Soma Structural Integrator and a Nationally Licensed Massage Practitioner working out of The Vital Energy Center in Seattle. He desires to share the power of Soma bodywork as a long term tool for recovery, prevention, body awareness and improved body efficiency.

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