Capital Hill Chiropractor Dr. Jared Kohler’s 12 tips to proper workstation ergonomics

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Proper Workstation ErgonomicsMany people wonder what is the best way to ergonomically set up their workstation.
Proper ergonomics while at work is required in order to maintain your posture and allow for ideal function of your brain and spinal cord.
Here are the 12 tips to help you evaluate your workstation
1. Use a good chair with a dynamic back support. If the chair does not have one, you can always purchase a lumbar support pillow designed for your office chair.
2. Your feet should be able to be flat against the floor. If that is not possible then use a stable footrest.
3. You should sit at an arms length from the monitor.
4. Your shoulders, arms and elbows should feel relaxed and should stay close to your body.

5. Your wrists should be flat and straight in relation to your forearms while using your keyboard and/or mouse. You should have your mouse as close to the keyboard as possible so you do not have to reach while using it.
6. Make sure your work station is stable and does not wobble.
7. Your monitor should be elevated so that you are looking into the top 1/3rd of the screen.
8. Your monitor should be centered so that you are not turning your head to look at the screen.
9. Use an anti-glare filter to reduce any glare that may occur on your monitor.
10. Use a document holder, preferably in-line with your monitor to avoid turning your head or looking down to read.
11. Use a negative tilt keyboard with an upper mouse platform or a downward tilt able platform adjacent to the keyboard.
12. Take frequent short breaks. These are known as micro-breaks and these breaks last only 20-30 seconds. Many people feel they are too busy to take breaks, yet feel that 20-30 seconds is much easier to include in the daily work schedule.

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