Digital Xrays

frontal xray

X-rays images are a relatively safe and cost effective way to view the structure and general condition of the spine.  They can reveal spinal regions under high stress and expose areas of degenerative change and help to rule out the existence of more serious pathological processes such as spinal fractures, tumors and infections which require immediate emergency medical intervention.   Based on your history and exam findings, imaging studies of your spine or injured body part may be indicated.  Dr. Kohler uses the iCR3600 Digital Radiography System and Opal 20/20 Analysis software, to acquire and analyze your spinal images.  Digital x-ray has many advantages: the x-ray image is recorded and stored on our secure server, images are easily transferable and multiple copies can be made, the image quality is excellent,  images process quickly without the use of toxic chemicals.    After a careful and detailed analysis of your images, Dr. Kohler will review the findings with you, and answer any questions you may have.




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