Seattle Upper Cervical Chiropractor eliminates neck pain and headaches with gentle, specific adjustments

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Among the various chiropractic techniques, one of the most promising is the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique, also known as AO, which is a style that focuses on the adjustment of the first cervical vertebrae, the atlas. The atlas is located at the very top of the  spine, just below the skull. This is the bone through which the nerves of the brain stem travel to the rest of the body: it is the bridge between the brain and the body.   A misaligned atlas not only compromises nerve impulses from the brain to the body, but also can create a ripple-effect of misalignment from the top of the spinal column to the bottom.

The adjustment is gentle and highly specific. Films are taken and analyzed to determine the exact nature of the misalignment. The xrays are computer analyzed for accuracy, and the precise calculations are determined to correct the atlas misaligment.

The adjustment is delivered with the Sweat Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument.  The adjustment is completely painless, and the patient often feels an immediate feeling of relief and relaxation.  Having your atlas alignment checked is one of the most important things you can do for your health and is completely safe for people of all ages.

A bit of history

The atlas orthogonal technique was first researched and studied by Dr. BJ Palmer in the early 20th century. Palmer researched the human body thoroughly, and eventually came to believe that the atlas bone was the “switch” that governed the flow of vital energy between the brain and body.   Dr. John Grostic took Palmer’s insight about the atlas adjustment, and dedicated his life to the study of the atlas. Toward the end of Grostic’s career, he selected the promising young chiropractor Dr. Roy Sweat to work under him. After Grostic’s death, Sweat continued Grostic’s work, and in many ways eclipsed it. Part of Sweat’s pioneering research included designing an atlas-specific instrument, to make the adjustment more gentle and precise.  The Sweat Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument  was designed with the help of engineers at Georgia Tech University—it is considered the most advanced atlas adjusting instrument available.

Atlas Misalignment=Pain and Sickness  :  Atlas Adjustment=Health & Vitality

Its quite simple…. when the atlas is misaligned (subluxated) is causes distortion at the brainstem and has a harmful effect on the nerve system and restricts blood flow to the brain.  Numberous “conditions” are simply symptoms of an atlas misalignment and a poorly functioning nerve system.   When the atlas is professionally evaluated and the atlas misalignment (subluxation) is correct, the results can be immediate and dramatic.  The improved nerve system function, improved health, and enhanced quality of life are very rewarding and often attainable.   Everyday at the Vital Energy Center people with neck pain,  arm pain, lower back, headaches, and migraines are getting tremendous relief  thanks to Dr.Kohler and the generations of amazing chiropractors before him who researched and developed the Atlas Orthogonal procedure.

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