Neck Pain Reduced or Eliminated by Changing Your Posture

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causes neck strain

Poor Posture causes Neck Strain, Disc and Nerve Damage

proper posture while texting

Proper Posture while Texting and Reading

I’m sitting here at a local Seattle coffee shop just observing how people relate to their computers, books, and mobile devices and what I see is a room full of people with terrible posture.   The effects of  poor posture are so directly related to neck and upper back pain that it would be easy for me to pick out who is in pain and who isn’t.   One of the most common and damaging postural problems is FHP or Forward Head Posture.   In ideal head and neck posture, the head is held such that the ear canal is directly over the center of the shoulders.   FHP is when the head begins to move forward from this position.  When you’re texting, do you look down at your phone as you type the message?  If yes, then you’re in Forward Head Posture.   When reading, do you position the book flat on the table, and look down as you read?  This is FHP.  When using your computer, do you round your upper back and crane your neck as you type and look at the screen?  This too is FHP.    Consider this…your head is like a 10lb. bowling ball on a stalk (your neck).  Seriously, the neck is a thin column of 7 stacked bones with a delicate spinal cord passing though them, surrounded by more nerves, blood vessels to your brain, and dozens of straping muscles to hold it up.  Now… for every inch your head is forward from the center of the shoulder, it stretches the spinal cord and adds 10lbs to the load your neck and upper back muscle have to hold.  So if you look down to text, the head is about 5 inches forward.  This not only compresses spinal discs and stretches the spinal cord, but adds over  50lbs to the workload of your upper back and neck muscles!   No wonder your muscles get fatigued! Changing Your Posture Imagine holding a 50lb bowling bowl in your right arm for even 3-4 hour a day. What would you get?  A seriously tired arm!  Keep this up day after day and your spine, discs, and muscles will become strained, damaged and undergo permanent degenerative changes.  In the early stages this is often painless; in the later stages the pain is often constant.  According to the prestigious American Journal of Pain Management,  FHP can cause  neck pain, headaches, upper back pain, radiating pain in arms, numbness and tingling in hands;  and it can have a negative affect on blood pressure, pulse, and lung capacity.   And as stated in the Mayo Clinic Health Letter Vol. 18, #3, March 2000, the effects of long term forward head posture lead to “myospasm, disc herniations, osteoporosis and pinched nerves.”   In most cases Forward Head Posture is correctable.   In our office, we see both early and late stage effects of Forward Head Posture,  and encourage everyone to change how they interface with their computers, phones, books and many activities of daily living.   We’ve had tremendous success, with both early and late stage FHP,   by utilizing both posture  re-education, specific chiropractic corrective adjustments, and special corrective exercises to actually correct Forward Head Posture, and not simply cover up the symptoms temporarily with dangerous pain killers and muscle relaxers.  Forward Head Posture is easy to detect and can be corrected with the specific chiropractic treatment program that we offer at The Vital Energy Center.   If you or someone you is in pain, give us a call, we’re happy to help!

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