Nutritional Optimization

    with Carolyn Story M.Ed, NTP



Let’s get started in creating the healthy and joyful life you deserve!”

Step 1:  Complete the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire  (NAQ)       -FREE

What is your current nutritional status?  The NAQ will help us find out!  The NAQ contains 321 specific

questions related to every organ and system of your body.   Results are analyzed and graphed to allow you

to see which areas are healthy and strong and which organs/systems are suffering and under stress. 

Step 2: Initial Consultation and Review of NAQ       97$

50 minutes with Carolyn to review the results of your NAQ,  discuss your health history,  goals and

present Nutritional Response Testing (NRT), a dynamic method that will uncover the specific dietary changes

and supplements are needed in order to help you improve the health of every organ and system in your body.

Step 3: Follow-Up visits       57$  

25 minutes visit to monitor your progress, refine your program, go over your food journal & keep you on track for optimal results!

Step 4: Progress Evaluation at end of your initial care plan         97$

 50 minutes with Carolyn to review the results of your follow-up NAQ questionnaire, discuss your results, and

 make recommendations for a lifetime of health!


Package Discounts

  6 follow-up visits prepaid at the start of care                 297$ (49.50/ea) SAVE 95$!

12 follow-up visits prepaid at the start of care                 497$ (41.50/ea) SAVE 237$!

 When you purchase a pre-pay package you will also receive your

 Progress Evaluation visit as the discounted fee!


Take the First Step Now !!   Call :  206-860-9090

Or Email Carolyn :

if  you’re ready to do the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) please include the following in your email.

1. your full name

2. address

3. zip code



*Please note pre-paid visits must be used within 1 year of purchase.

   If a refund is requested, used visits will be billed at the standard rates


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