Our Vitalistic Philosophy

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The Major Premise:  There is a Universal Intelligence in ALL Matter, which constantly gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.   In LIVING BEINGS it is called INNATE INTELLIGENCE.

Vitalistic Philosophy

The job of INNATE is to maintain the body in active organization from birth to death.   Our INNATE INTELLIGENCE expresses itself through our NERVE SYSTEM, which delivers VITAL ENERGY and information to every muscle, organ, gland, and cell.    Subluxations (spinal misalignment), distort the function of the nerve system, causing  malfunction and dis-ease.  Detection and correction of subluxations,  through the science and art of chiropractic, allows our INNATE INTELLIGENCE to better control and coordinate the action of every cell the body.    A nerve system free of interference can more fully express the INNATE INTELLIGENCE  which animates, motivates, regulates, coordinates, heals, and inspires living beings.   The chiropractic adjustment is a unique and time tested method of detecting and correcting subluxation, improving the expression of INNATE INTELLIGENCE, and maximizing the experience of LIFE.

We have a  basic trust and respect for each individual and know that people respond best to positive motivation, such as trust in the individual’s ability to maintain his or her own well-being and to reach his or her fullest potential.  Our practitioners and practice member have a cooperative, mutually responsible relationship, and are committed to health and well being.  We feel that the highest developed living being within society is the person who, by maximizing the expression of their INNATE abilities, is reaching his or her fullest potential and helping others to do the same.

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