The Primary Intention of  The Vital Energy Center – Capitol Hill Chiropractic & Massage – is to combine both exceptional service and clinical expertise in a beautiful relaxing environment that encourages the inherent recuperative powers of the body.

CHIROPRACTIC: Chiropractic is a system of healthcare whose primary intention is the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation. Vertebral subluxations, or spinal misalignments, may be caused by slips, falls, poor posture and traumas like auto accidents, work and recreational injuries. Subluxations disrupt the proper function of not only your nerve system, but your muscles, organs, discs, posture and overall health. Vertebral subluxation can lead to lowered resistance to disease, pain, structural imbalance, and many common symptoms. Using gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments , Dr. Kohler safely, gently and painlessly corrects vertebral subluxations. Remove the nerve interference (subluxation) with a chiropractic adjustment and you maximize your bodies self-healing and self-regulating potential. What is a subluxation? Read more

APPLIED KINESIOLOGY: Applied Kinesiology is a holistic approach that is very effective at balancing the body on a structural, chemical, and emotional level. Muscular testing is performed as a means of identifying imbalances in the body’s nerve/energy system, and as a means of determining the optimum correction method to restore health and balance. Applied Kinesiology helps fine-tune the body and gives us a way to optimize the body’s self-healing, self-regulating, and performance ability. Click here for research papers on applied kinesiology or visit to learn more about the science and art of Applied Kinesiology

ATLAS ORTHOGONAL : Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a gentle and specific method for adjusting the most important bone in the spine: the Atlas.  The atlas vertebrae, is the first vertebrae in the spine, support the skull, and surrounds the brainstem and delicate nerves.  The upper cervical joints are the most complex in the human body and the most mobile spinal joints.  When subluxated (misaligned) pain and poor health inevitably follow.  With precision atlas alignment, pain and poor health inevitably resolve.  For over 40 years, millions of people have benefited from the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment and it has become highly regarded amongst Neurologists, Medical Doctors,  TMJ specialists, and the general public.   Using state-of-the-art digital x-rays and computerized x-ray analysis, Dr. Kohler is able to determine the exact misalignment of the atlas and thus able to deliver precise atlas adjustments for his patients.    The adjustment is achieved  using the Sweat Atlas Orthogonal Instrument: a high-tech percussion adjusting instrument developed by engineers at Georgia Tech University.   The atlas adjustment is gentle, specific and involves NO popping or cracking of the neck.  People often feel an immediate feeling of well being and relaxation afterwards, and many have a significant resolution of their pain and symptoms.  Dr. Kohler is one of only 600 Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in the world and is dedicated to mastering this important adjustment.    To learn more about the miracle of Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Chiropractic click here.

ACTIVATOR & ARTHOSTIM ADJUSTING INSTRUMENTS: The Activator and Arthrostim are hand-held instruments that delivers a high-speed, but gentle impluse to improve neurologic performance. This allows Dr. Kohler to deliver a gentle and specific adjustment to the spine, cranium, and extremities to affect rapid resolution of muscle and joint dysfunction and resolution of pain and poor movement.,

VIBRACUSSOR : The vibrocussor delivers waves of percussive impulses deep into muscles, ligaments and joints. Along with chiropractic adjustments, the vibracussor is extremely effective at relaxing tense muscles, relieving lymphatic congestion, improving circulation, restoring joint motion, reducing post-exertion muscle soreness, releasing myofascial adhesions and scar tissue. Additionally, these percussive waves heighten neurological awareness of the injured areas, thus facilitating energetic normalization and healing. The benefits include reduction in the frequency and intensity of musculoskeletal pain, thus decreasing the need for pain medication and improving the ability to participate in activities of normal daily living.

SPINAL DECOMPRESSION/INVERSION: Inversion is a form of traction using the body’s weight along with gravity to decompress the spine and joints. This helps relieve pressure on spinal discs and provides tremendous relief of pain caused by prolonged sitting, standing, and lifting. Inverting yourself as little as 25 degrees for even a few minutes can help decompress the discs, relax tense muscles and speed the flow of lymphatic fluids which flush out the body’s waste. Most importantly, along with chiropractic adjustments, lengthening the spine with inversion helps to improve spinal disc health and prevent disc degeneration and herniation.

CERVICAL REHABILITATION/TRACTION: Specialized cervical (neck) traction helps stretch the spine, remove pressure from spinal discs, and provide great relief from neck, upper back, and shoulder pain and discomfrort. In addition, cervical rehabilitation exercises help restore the natural curve of your cervical spine, which is essential for long term relief of headaches, migraines, neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, arm and hand pain and numbness.

Neuro-Diagnostic Imaging – Myovision
(sEMG- computerized spinal analysis) :
A computerized spinal examination through Surface Electromyography is used to evaluate the relative levels of electrical activity associated with vertebral subluxation. By interfering with the communication between the brain and the rest of the body, a vertebral subluxation leads to improper electrical impulses which can lead to poor heath. The sEMG scanning provides qualitative and quantitative data to assist the chiropractor in determining which areas/level of the nervous system are being adversely affected by vertebral subluxatons. Read more

AMMA MASSAGE : AMMA is the oldest Chinese word to describe massage, a classical Asian Bodywork style that dates back over 5000 years. Amma Bodywork Therapy is an extremely specialized form of skilled bodywork that integrates deep tissue manipulation, pressure application, friction, and touch to specific acupoints, energy channels, muscles, ligaments, and joints. Amma Bodywork Therapists are trained in the principles of Holistic Nutrition, eastern dietary principles, and the use of Chinese herbs.  Leslie Bower LMT, is our exceptional AMMA massage therapist.

SOMA STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION: A system of body work that pays particular attention to the fascia (or connective tissue network).  SOMA releases tension in the fascia and thus provides relief from chronic pain and tension and improve overal structural alignment. Jeff Greiner LMT is our skilled SOMA structural integrator.

TRADITIONAL RELAXATION & DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: This style of massage is fantastic for easing tense muscles, reducing pain and stiffness,  and relaxing the mind and body.  Tara Hoch LMT, is our intuitive and highly acclaimed deep tissue and relaxation massage therapist.

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