What is an Amma Massage?

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Amma MassageThere are a variety of massage styles throughout the world. Some with the purpose to simply relax, others to help your body heal itself. The Amma massage is an ancient style of therapeutic deep tissue massage that has been perfected for the last 5000 years. It affects your body throughout, loosening muscle, joints, and connective tissues to allow your body to function properly.

Chinese in origin, this technique implements deep tissue therapy, pressure, friction, and touch. The technique affects not only tissue, but energy channels throughout the body. The nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory systems all are affected, allowing your body to function more productively.

History of Amma

The Nuangdi Nejjing book of Chinese medicine is the first documented source for the Amma massage technique. The style focuses around many philosophies, primarily concerning yin and yang, and the Five Elements which relate directly to a person’s health through balance of these principles. It is believed that balance helps to eliminate disease.

The technique mastered

The technique itself utilizes a variety of strokes, vibrations, and tissue manipulation in an attempt to stimulate circulatory systems, including your nervous, cardiovascular, and spiritual energy (the energy within your body). The therapist will develop their own touch over time, and often the sensitivity is related to the patient’s needs in order to help them as a specific individual.

Amma therapists will combine the Amma massage with modern techniques such as herbal remedies and chiropractic care to provide a more beneficial experience.

Uses in modern day

The Amma massage techniques are widely applicable. Many people that receive  Amma massage often have problems with chronic arthritis, diabetes (joints become stiff), chronic fatigue syndrome, neuromuscular problems, lymphatic problems (infections and allergies), respiratory problems, and pulled, strained muscles.

These conditions are commonly thought of only as physical, but the mind itself is an integral part of your body’s functions. The Amma technique targets both your body and mind together, so that the problems can be dealt with by helping you to achieve balance within yourself. The massage treats the patient physically, mentally, and spiritually, helping them become more aware of their body and its inner workings. Anxiety, stress, and even feelings of isolation are emotional conditions which can negatively affect your body. Amma massages not only relax the body, but the mind as well, bringing the patient self-awareness to help them cope with future emotions.

This is for everyone

This is an overall excellent massage for any person to partake in. It isn’t just for the sick, or those suffering from ailments, it is for everyone. People experience everyday problems, and don’t always deal with them, allowing them to store up in the body where they can harm from the inside out. The Amma massage does more than just aid the physical problems; it helps us deal with the internal problems as well. The experience allows you to develop a better level of self-awareness, and a greater sense of what you can do to help yourself. It’s not just about physical health – it’s about balanced wellness.

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