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Muscle TestingBasic human anatomy has shown that there is an intimate connection between your muscles and your nerve system. The purpose of the central nerve system, your brain and spinal cord, is to control, regulate, and heal the body. In order to do this, your brain must be able to send an electrical signal, or “vital energy”, over the spinal cord, thorough the spinal nerves and out to every muscle, organ and gland. Without the transmission of this vital enery, the body will die. If this energy is cut off from any one part of the body, that individual part will die. Every muscle, organ and gland is also able to send electrical signals over the nerves to notifiy the brain of its current condition and specific needs. Optimum body function is only possible when the electrical energy in your body can travel without interference over the nerves. However, when the body is in a state of dis-ease the brain cannot effectively transmit this signal to the body parts. As a result, the ability of the brain to control, regulate and heal the body is diminished. Diminished nerve signals can be identified by performing a manual muscle test. Muscle testing is performed as a means of tuning in to the function of your body’s electrical system or nerve system. When performing a muscle test we are looking for the muscle to respond “strong”. A “strong” or facilitated muscle responds by contracting fully in response to the pressure being applied to it. If the muscle being tested is shakey, or gives way, this indicates that there is an inadequate neurologic control, or inhibition, of the muscle. There are many reason for this, but is often the result due to neuroarticular dysfunction, or spinal joint subluxation, After your chiropractor locates the source of the problem, and corrects it with a chiropractic adjustment, the brain is better able to deliver the electrical signal to the muscle, the muscle responds “strong” when tested, and the functional integrity of your nerve system has been improved. This is clinically associated with pain relief, joint stabilization, improved muscular activation, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology Manual Muscle Testing maximize your self-healing and self-regulating abilities by improving the ability of your brain to send its life giving vital energy to every muscle, organ and gland in the body!! GET ADJUSTED TODAY!

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