Whiplash injuries treated successfully with Applied Kinesiology

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neck damage after auto accident

Applied Kinesiology Management of Long-Term Head Pain Following Automotive Injuries: A Case Report. Cuthbert S, Rosner A.

Chiropractic Journal of Australia. 2010;40:109-16.


Objectives: To observe the progress of a patient with chronic headache after whiplash and other injuries during and following applied kinesiology (AK)-guided chiropractic and cranial evaluation and treatment. Clinical Features: Single 56-year old patient suffering severe daily cervico-cranial headaches following 2 automobile accidents, despite 7 years of manipulative, chiropractic, physical therapy, psychotherapy, narcotic, and medical treatments. Intervention and Outcome: The patient underwent a series of AK muscle weakness tests which directed adjustments in the cranial, cervical, pelvic, and plantar regions over 8 visits during a 3-week period. During and following this intervention, virtually all symptomatology was resolved with the score of (zero) on the neck and low back pain visual analog scales (VAS).  The patient has remained free of her original symptoms for 8 years following these treatments. Conclusions: The manual muscle testing (MMT) procedures used in this patient’s care offered useful information directly linking the assessment procedures to the treatment method that provided long-term resolution of her chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.

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